I am so excited about my new Sherpani Handbag gifted by my sister in law on my birthday. This comes in six different colors: Black, Cayenne, Midnight, Olive, Poppy and Straw. My piece looks so dazzling and royal in cayenne. This goes well with casual wears and matches my personality. At times this transforms to my office goods carrier. When I go out sporting this cute handbag, lot of curious onlookers roll their eyes in total awe and enquire about this. Not to say the amount of compliments this has got for me. I love when people around refer me as the lady with Sherpani and gives me a sense of pride. After seeing this bag with me, lots of female colleagues have also purchased it giving me a competition.

Indeed, the situation cannot get better as I am beginning to be seen as royalty by most women but I could never have imagined that I could have become an object of envy as most of my colleagues are feeling resentful of the drastic change in my appearance brought by the handbag so I would like to share some luxurytastic information as given below to give you a brief description of this bag so that others can look up Sherpani model online and choose any color of their choice.

This is a multipurpose bag that can be used for all purposes right from office to traveling. This looks so stunning and makes you stand out in a crowd. This is spectacularly designed with a perfect combination of formal and casual appeal. The best part is that it is an all weather bag that matches serious as well as the cool guys. The dimension of the Sherpani Handbag is 11″ x 9″ x 5″. The bag is crafted lightweight (1 lb) making it comfortable while hanging on shoulders. I got to know from one of my friends that it is available for $59 in online stores.

Initially I felt the size of the bag was too big for office but once I started arranging things inside, things changed for ever. This is not that big but still is capacious to hold everything that you need for office or daily needs. The size is perfect and anything more than this would be bulky and not come under handbag. This handbag is an incredibly wonderful and efficient organizer that saves your tine and energy. It comes with lot of pockets and slits to accommodate tiny as well as sizeable items neatly inside the bag. There is no need for me to stuff and mess with things as I know exactly what goes in and where it is placed.

There are pockets provided for holding pen, cell phone, small water bottle, make up kit, tissue papers, cards, valet and some snacks. I find young mothers using it for carrying baby diapers, biscuits, milk and pads. The straps are sufficiently padded so that it is not harsh on your shoulders. It can also be adjusted according to the convenience and is lengthy to wear it in cross belt mode. Moreover the floral lining makes it more chic and fashionable. The magnetic closures are strong and leak proof. It holds the things inside the appropriate pockets without throwing them out.


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