Your pup could already sit down on instruction and you now would like to instruct him to remain in this location for a predesignate time period. The sit down stay implies that he must remain in this location until you get back to him and give him a discharge instruction. In contests you’d require him to sit directly adjacent to you on your left hand side. You’ll give him the instruction, you will go away from him walking away on your right foot to a predestined spot which the magistrate will determine. Certain other measures subsist contingent on the degree your dog is at. Once the period of time is concluded you’d walk back to your dog to stand up at his right hand side and present the discharge instruction.

In day-to-day life you would apply this instruction while you bring the dog with you to the store and leave him in a sit down stay put out of doors until you come out. And of cause on that point are a lot of additional situations where this drill comes in really convenient.

This is how you’ll instruct your pup to sit stay: allow him sit on your left hand side. Take the leash in your left hand close to the dog collar, forcing his head a small bit upward. Give the instruction “sit down stay”. Step away on your right hand foot and stand right ahead of your pup. Stand at that place just for one or 2 seconds and so step right backward to your beginning location. If he didn’t make a motion, then click and treat. Duplicate that many times.

Now you are able to increment the time you stand in front of your pup to 3 or 5 secs, afterwards to ten or twenty seconds. Alter the periods of time. Do a a couple of briefer ones and then a lengthier one. Whenever you’ve added to the time and your pup made a motion away from the sit positioning, just disregard that. Choose a scant break and begin once again with shorter periods of time.

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Only once your pup can dependably stay for a instant with you remaining firm straight ahead of him, can you begin to take one step distant from him. Begin the entire action once more from just one or 2 instants. Don’t presume that since he can stay for one min with you right with him, that he will do it with you twenty meters out. He won’t. Learn it one measure at one time and therein you set your hound up for success. Once again remember to maintain schooling sittings short.


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