Corneal blindness among poor people is difficult to be treated as they cannot afford the surgery and medicines. The Philanthropist Tej Kohli has founded an organization that aims to help patients suffering from corneal blindness. This blindness prevails because of poverty, as rich people can afford the treatments in a multi-specialty hospital.

The corneal institute was founded a few years ago and is working free of cost to offer the best possible treatment to people in need. This institute has offered a new vision to thousands of people through research programs with new innovative ideas.

This institute’s establishment aims to make the treatment available for the people not able to get suitable treatment because of the financial crisis. Every day this organization is taking a step forward to treat blindness by innovative measures.

What is corneal blindness?

The blindness due to any disease in the cornea is called corneal blindness, and the reason can be any; it can be due to age or malnutrition, or infections. The surgery for treating this blindness is expensive, and a poor person cannot afford it. The Tej Kohli Foundation offers this surgery and the entire treatment for absolutely free.

This is becoming a major issue in the current scenario, and large-scale research is going on to find a sustainable and low-cost treatment for the people. The treatment of corneal blindness is specific to the cause behind this disease. It poses a burden on the country’s health and economic status.

To prevent this blindness, everyone must use the water free from any bacteria or fungi as the infections also contribute as a cause. The vitamins and minerals supplied to the body should be inadequate as the deficiency of vitamin A can lead to this disease.

Have a look at how the Tej Kohli Foundation is serving its role in providing the patients’ vision!

Research and innovation

The continuous research models that Philanthropist Tej Kohli foundation proposes and is working on enhancing the confidence of people in this organization. It has introduced a new incubator to the list that aims to collect more and more funds for its use in the people’s wellbeing to eradicate the disease. Introducing this incubator is to eliminate the disease in a few years with the high funds collected with this incubator.

Collects the cornea donors

With the large collection of cornea donated by thousands of donors, the eye bank is boosting up every day. The surgical team in the foundation has worked to ensure a cornea transplant’s successful surgeries. The enormous funding and the cornea donor have helped the foundation to help as many patients as possible.

Biosynthetic method

This approach to treatment does not require surgery and is a huge advancement in corneal blindness treatment. A liquid as glue filler is employed in this technique. This liquid acts like a gel when it interacts with the body and ultimately becomes the tissue glue. The material used can fill up and seal the pores in the cornea, which will help in faster regeneration of the tissue unit. This is a unique procedure that eliminates the need for surgery.

Wrapping up

The Tej Kohli Foundation is working on upgrading the techniques employed in treating corneal blindness and the major advancement in the development of the biosynthetic method.


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