A fusion of unique architecture, breathtaking nature and exciting nightlife describes some of Thailand’s appeal. The ancient temples or the buildings with centuries of history behind enchant the eyes of the visitors. Natural parks accommodate a great number of wild animals. There’s no need to mention Thai food — everybody is familiar with the local cuisine, a harmony between spices, meat, vegetables and sauces. Thailand’s entertainment industry gained some recognition for the past decades. Horror movies especially became a national product.


A rather official tour of the country would include Phucket, Ayuthaya, Wat Arun, Phra Chedi Sisuriyothai, Phi Phi, Wat Pha Sorn, Khao Khor, the golden Buddha or Ko Rang. Don’t forget though to enjoy some of the less popular things. Thailand has the largest crocodile farm in the entire world. THAILANDThe smallest mammal in the world, the bumblebee bat, measures 2 grams and lives only in Thailand. A fish in this country can survive on the ground and even climb trees. Forget the Night Bazaar (maybe not, it can be quite fun too) and shop from a floating market. When you’re visiting the Grand Palace, don’t miss the Queen Sirikit Museum, which is dedicated to textiles, especially Thai silk. You can experience the tribe lifestyle, cook in the wilderness or ride the elephants. Thailand has a Medical Museum where you can get disgusted all you want by all kinds of atrocities.

Thailand has become the epitome of sex tourism. While the government banned prostitution, red THAILANDlight districts don’t have much problem operating. Thailand is considered a good place for transvestites or transsexuals, though it’s hard to tell how much freedom they enjoy outside fetishization and sex trade. Some bars and restaurants are brothels in disguise, so stick to clubs and ask for recommendations. Thai people are friendly, respectful and will lend you a hand even if they don’t like you. They believe rejecting someone or letting down a friend in need will turn against them.


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