Towel radiators might be confusing for some. What’s it for? Why are they important? How useful are they for you and your family? And the most important one, why do towel radiators of the same size seem to be emitting different heat outputs?

Things can get technical when we’re talking about radiators but not in this article. We’d like to help you understand this heating device better so it’s easier for you to decide which one to get. Towel radiators are useful and below are the basics in understanding them.

What is a BTU?

A BTU is the measure of heat emitting from a radiator. Before installing a radiator in your own homes, calculate the amount of BTU required so you’ll know whether or not you need two or three radiators in the entirety of your own home. BTU Calculators are available online for your needs. 

Does a towel radiator surface area and size matter?

Absolutely! The larger and bigger a radiator’s surface area is, the higher the heat output would be. So this is the first thing you should consider before buying a radiator for your home. 

Does the towel radiator material make a difference?

They might not have that much of a difference in terms of the heat it emits, but the type of radiator material does make a difference in terms of how fast it would heat up. For example, cast iron radiators will heat up slowly and will cool down in the same speed as compared to aluminum which will heat up fast and then cool down just the same.

Are there different designs? If so, is there a huge difference?

There are many different designs for your towel radiators these days. They’re no longer the bulky ones but the sleek kinds. The design also makes a difference in terms of emitting heat. For instance, radiators with a hollow tube design contain a huge surface area than a regular flat looking one so more heat is generated.

Why should you have a towel radiator?

Towel radiators are helpful especially when you’re sharing bathrooms. This is because you might have a hard time letting these towels dry when the racks are full. This means you have more damp towels than dry ones and will eventually lead to a smelly bathroom. With a towel radiator, your towels will warm up faster than the average time it takes for it to do so.

They also save up space. Towel radiators are attached to the wall so you can move around freely in your bathroom. You can also have space to put extra items such as laundry baskets, counters and shelves.

Last but not the very least, towel radiators make your house look modern and beautiful. They add a nice sleek touch to your bathroom which not only is a useful device but can be the envy of many. A towel radiator was once considered a very luxurious item. But these days, it’s a life saver especially when you need dry towels in a bathroom shared by many.

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