The web has become a great place to meet other Christians through different weblink. No matter where you live or what you do, you can hang out with people that have your values; you can compare your favorite songs; discuss homeschooling, or find a Christian mate. Plus you won’t have to worry about the inappropriate videos or embarrassing profanity. These networks strive for high standards to maintain the integrity of the websites.

You’ve heard of YouTube, right? Once it was called God Tube, but it recently changed names to Christians can meander through funny videos, serious issues, and inspiration all in one place. There are rules to protect the integrity of this network. Find the hottest artist’s new videos. If you miss the news you’ll easily find exactly what Bret Hume’s said to Tiger Woods or find your favorite version to the Revelation Song.

Go to for a multi-faith experience. Some of the best blogs and most interesting authors share ideas and theology. If you want to stick to your own faith, just go to the home page and put in your faith, add it to your favorites and get a pulse on the Christian issues. See what Phillip Yancey has to say; check out Frederica Mathews-Green; or catch up with Crunchy Con blogs. The only downside is with a variety of faith the site is not just for Christians

Faithlight is full of inspirational quotes, photos, drawings, a poll, and blogs. This allows anyone to check out the content. There is plenty for the social network to do on this site. Discuss issues, do a Bible Study, pray for a friend, or join a group. It is a well-organized network but the graphics could be updated.

This is really an online dating website but when it’s been tough to find a like-minded mate, why not try it? There is an article of faith for anyone who wonders if the prospective Christian single matches your own convictions. The website is free and there are some helpful tips to get you going. There are other great online dating sites to visit. Christian has been online since 1995 and appears to have excellent standards.

I really like Faith Freaks. It might be too “rocking roll-y” for some, but a fun place to visit new Christian music artists to meet their fans and see the artists exhibit their expressions. Talk the faith with real people and get feedback. You can put your own music on your “wall”, get to know your followers, pray for them, and keep it clean.


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