The concept is numerology is that the universe is a system which the main foundation is numbers.  Hence, when the universe was broken, numbers will be the basic things left for us. It is important that we understand that the world we live in is depended and can equate to numbers. This is now when numerologists come into the picture. They can take several elements of a person and break them down into meaningful numbers using wide variety of methods. Through numerology, we will be able to know and understand our real personalities and individuality. Consequently, we will be able to come up with our purpose in this world.

Expression Number

Expression number also known as destiny number is believed to have the ability to delve into your desires, abilities and personal goals. This number is calculated by your FULL birth name into numbers with the use of Pythagorean chart. Pythagorean chart correlates a letter with a number. By getting the total sum of the numbers, you will now come up with your expression number. Expression number has a different meaning and works. It will tell you your goals , desires and personalities. 

Soul Number

Soul number which is also known as the Heart’s desire number is considered as the reflection of your genuine and inner self. One of the fascinating things about your souk= urge number is that it often shows truths in people that they only recognize once a reading is done,. As an example, let us say that the desire number of your heart show that you are aiming for power. As a result, you may have a need to feel valued and get a position where you can exercise power. To get the calculation, you just have to get the value of vowels to your birth name.

Life Path Number

Life path number is considered as the most important number in neurology. It builds the foundation of what path your life could take. It will also reflect who exactly you are as a person and your traits and personality as well.  Life path number also outlines any opportunities that may come along your way or any challenges that you need to face in life. Life path number also provides you any lessons that you may need to learn in life so you will be able to continue your journey. To calculate your life path number, you can visit

Personality Number

Last but not the least, your personality number is calculated using only the consonants of your full birth name. The personality n umber tells you your core personality that people see in you and the ones that you want people see in you. Your personality number will also reveal the things that you sometimes ignore or don’t deal with by acting the way that you do. If you are still trying to discover yourself, finding your personality number is one of the best methods in numerology that you can use. 


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