There are a lot of different types of bongs and pipes. But if you’re serious about getting high, then the most important thing to consider is how to prepare your bong and what materials are needed for cleaning it.

Here’s how to clean a bong and what materials you need to do so.


The first thing that you should know when preparing your bong is that you will need to use some sort of water pipe cleaner or solvent to remove the buildup on your bong from smoking weed.

Most people start off with a bong made out of glass; but there are other options available as well. For example, a bong can be made out of stainless steel; or even plastic. Glass bongs are usually much more durable than their counterparts, though they tend to hold less smoke.

Some people like to use a bong made out of acrylic or glass; while others prefer a bong made of ceramic. Ceramic bongs hold a great deal of smoke and are typically very durable, but they come at a higher price tag than their glass counterparts.

The main difference between a bong and a bowl is that a bong has a hole in its top and bottom whereas a bowl doesn’t have any holes in them.

It may sound counter-intuitive that a bowl holds less smoke than a bong; however this is because bowls don’t have any holes in them. This means that the smoke must go through the stem before exiting the bowl. The stem is where you put the bowl and the tube that connects the bowl and the mouthpiece.

A bong also comes with a stem. However, unlike with a bowl, you would place the bowl into the bong itself and not onto the stem. You could also add additional stems to your bong to create a series of tubes that connect to one another.

If you’re buying a new bong, make sure that you look around for a bong that is made of glass. If you want something made of other material such as a ceramic or acrylic, you will need to use chemicals or solvents to clean it.

When using a bong, the last thing that you want to think about is whether or not it is clean. After all, if you don’t clean it properly, you might end up inhaling toxins or bad fumes.

You shouldn’t use a bong that looks dirty or has residue inside it. In fact, you should always wash your hands before putting your mouth on the bong in order to avoid possible sickness.

All the substance should be proper in volume such as water, cannabis herbs and smoke. It is available in a very refined smoke and include several other things such as showerheads, inline, trees and honeycombs. It is very convenient to clean a upside down bong and it is cleaned very frequently. The consumer should clean it in a right and proper manner otherwise there are chances of breakage.

What You Need To Clean Your Bong

You’ll need to purchase at least three things to clean your bong:

Glass cleaner – this is the chemical that you will use to remove all dirt, grease and build-up from your bong

Solvent – this is an organic liquid that dissolves many substances and is used to clean everything from electronics to woodwork

Rags – these rags are used to soak up the solvent and help clean your bong

After purchasing your items, follow these steps to learn how to clean your bong:

Step 1: Wash your bong thoroughly and dry it completely

Wash your bong by soaking it in hot water and submerging it in a sink filled with cold water. Once you’ve cleaned your bong, dry it thoroughly with paper towels. Make sure that you leave the top open so that you can let the moisture evaporate.

Step 2: Take a rag and soak it in the solvent

Soak a rag in the solvent and wipe down the inside of your bong. Be careful not to touch the stem too much because it is covered in resin. Do the same with the outside of your bong as well.

Step 3: Remove your bong from the sink

Remove your bong from the sink and allow the rag to absorb the solvent. Use a second rag to blot away excess solvent. When you’re done, rinse both rags under running water then hang them up to dry.

Step 4: Fill the bong with fresh water

Fill the bong with fresh water to see if it washes off easily. If it does, use it on your next session. If it didn’t work, repeat step two until you get rid of all of the solvent.

Step 5: Dry the bong

Dry the bong again with the paper towel and let it air dry. Don’t use direct heat or any type of heat source; otherwise, you run the risk of cracking the bong.


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