In weight loss, it only takes discipline and perseverance for you achieve your weight loss goal and this is not something that will make you feel deprived. One reason why most dieters are unsuccessful of losing weight is because of setting unachievable weight loss goal which can make one’s weight loss endeavor really frustrating. The quickest way to lose weight is surprisingly simple and doable. It does not require you to defy gravity, swallow a ball of fire or subject yourself to a series of tortures.

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Drinking plenty of water is the simplest and quickest way to lose weight. Water flushes out toxins and makes your body fitter. It prevents you from overeating as it has its own way of suppressing your appetite. More often than not, people tend to mistake thirst for hunger and this can lead to overeating. If you drink plenty of water, you will not go easily hungry and the fact that it contains zero calories is reason enough for you to up your fluid intake. Starting your day with a glass of water will also lubricate the insides of your body and remove harmful toxins.

Sweetened bottle drinks are a big no, no when trying to lose weight. Aside from containing high amount of calories, they will not also help you get rid of excess pounds. Switch to green tea and fruit juices instead as these are rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins that your body needs. Once you stay away from sweetened and carbonated drinks, you will no longer have to find a quickest way to lose weight as avoiding these drinks alone can do wonders on your body.

When drinking fruit juices, make sure that they are made of fresh fruits and not those that are commercially made as they contain artificial flavors and colors. You also need to avoid canned or processed fruits as they only contain low amount of fiber and will not do anything to help you lose weight fast. Go for fresh fruits if you want the quickest way to lose weight. Fresh fruits are a good source of fiber which your body will need to digest food properly and prevent constipation.

Another quickest way to lose weight is to avoid crash diet. This weight loss approach is bad for your health and may do the opposite as your body cannot survive crash diet if done over a long period of time. In fact, it may even do more harm than good because this can lead to binge eating especially when your body sends a signal to your brain that it needs more food. Crash diets are for short term use only. It can be used if you are going to attend a party the next day and you want your dress to fit perfectly. Other than that, crash diet is a big no,no!


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