A profession that deals with the treatment and prevention of disorders related to the musculoskeletal system is called chiropractic. Patients with dislocated spines can be treated by simply manipulating their spines so that it will go back to the right place. Speculations about this treatment has be circulating for a number of years. When a spinal cord is moved in the wrong manner, this can lead to the patient’s paralysis which can be irreversible. 

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One more myth is that when a spinal column is moved, it will hurt so much which will traumatize the patient. Some also think that it only treats back pains and that the chiropractors are not real doctors because they cannot even prescribe medicine. Others also think that their body structure would be distorted when this is not done properly and that it involves a lifetime commitment to continue treatment once started.

Myths are products of things that we are not familiar with. Or they can also be passed on from the early times when this type of treatment was still under observation and was not yet proven to be effective. Humans are so innovative. We think of ideas and improve them to help the society by using them for convenience as we try to manage our disorders and imperfections. In reality, chiropractic is a good way of healing since it makes use of all natural methods.

The treatment involves the adjustment of the skeletal system, mainly a spine that is in a position expected to cause ailments and diseases. Contrary to popular belief, chiropractic not only treats back pains. It can also treat measles, arthritis, fever and other kidney problems. The doctor will first do a series of test and evaluate your x-rays and other tests. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the illness of the person. Chiropractors are doctors. Before they can practice, they have to study and graduate from a course in chiropractic and they need to take the board exam before they can practice.

Medicines cause a lot of side effects which may not even manifest immediately. Usually, effects could leave lasting damages in the body. Chiropractic in the US is practiced widely. People will surely not continue to use it if the myths are indeed factual. But, of course, we need to look into the record and credibility of the practitioner we choose to come to since an incompetent one can compromise our safety. When we have diseases or ailments, we need to widen our range of thinking and understanding in choosing the best treatment for us since we’ll be the ones to endure whatever unwanted side effects there will be for the rest of our lives.


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