Known by Seattle residents as one of the only “real” beaches area in the city, Alki beach is often compared to Southern California for its rollerblading, bicycling and jogging activities along the waterfront. Reminiscent also of European seaside towns, its narrow strip of sand accents the bustling cafes along the boardwalk. Outdoor activities abound, and cultural opportunities are present within walking distance of the waterfront.

Things to Do Around Alki Beach in Seattle Washington

Alki Beach Park

Stretching for 2 1/2 miles along the coastline of the Puget Sound, from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay, the Alki Beach Park runs parallel with Beach Drive in West Seattle. It is public land, teeming with life year-round. In the summers, the people-watching is reason enough to be there, with rollerbladers, bicyclers, volleyball games, boarders and more. Stay into the evening for a bonfire right on the beach; Alki is one of only two public beaches in Seattle that allow them.


Whether you want to join a guided tour or strike out on your own, kayaks are available from Alki Kayak Tours. The guided tours include an Alki Lighthouse Sea Kayak Tour, one on the Duwamish River, Elliott Bay, Blake Island, and a sunset tour. No experience is necessary and the guides teach you all you need to know on the spot. Hourly rentals are also offered to those who are confident in their abilities already and wish to explore the Seattle waters in their own way. Singles and doubles are available, and a three-seater, which provides an opportunity to take your kids out in a kayak.

Things to Do Around Alki Beach in Seattle Washington

Alki Bakery

Known all over the Puget Sound region for its baked breads, coffee and desserts, the Alki Bakery is as much a tradition on Alki Avenue as the boardwalk. Start the day early with a lavish breakfast, at outdoor tables if the weather is nice, and take a picnic with you to the beach or a nearby park. Watch ferryboats, sailboats and the expansive downtown Seattle skyline from your cozy spot at the local favorite.


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