The vast majority of people are turning to diet and fitness because of the desire to lose weight, that is, to lose a few pounds and preferably fast. Many people do not get any result, and many, only a temporary weight loss followed by the addition. Why is this happening and what’s all the same I do? On this question we will try to answer you.

There are “lucky” that do not gain extra pounds. They eat anything and no one gram they have not postponed. This phenomenon is rather difficult to explain. All the same, most prone to ” accumulate.” And it is quite natural. But why the “hoarding” with age harder and harder to fight. Some even lose in this fight. This there is an explanation. The older we get, the lower the activity of hormones that regulate metabolism. For example, reduced production of growth hormone-powerful fat burner. Also, if no action is taken, reduced metabolic rate (metabolism) of approximately 7 – 10% every 10 years, as well as muscle mass for 2 – 2.5 kg per decade. Do you know what fills the “vacant” space-fat. It is also possible latent obesity without changes in body weight. As a result, many nutritionists concluded that weight gain with age, the natural and inevitable process. All of surrender! But not for us. On the contrary, forewarned, forearmed. And our actions must be aimed at eliminating the causes of excess weight, and not just limit yourself to food.

Once again, the reasons for excess weight

Reduction of motor activity on the background of a familiar model of conservation of power, slowing metabolism and decreased activity of hormones, decreased muscle mass, the point where combustion occurs calories. We can not turn back time, but we can and should influence the causes of obesity. The more so that all in our power.

The main error nutritionists or why not result

It is strange to hear from nutritionists that “physical activity on weight-loss process is rather secondary importance,” and “the most appropriate target weight loss are loads of low intensity, but long-lasting.” And it is being actively promoted as an absolutely correct theory. So what do we sweat in the hall on treadmills and gym? It turns out for the purpose of weight loss is enough “walking.” Allow me to disagree. It’s simple, put more (labor and sweat), the more will get the output – is thinner waist and beautiful figure. And we must not forget about the factors that affect weight, namely, the muscle mass, metabolism and hormones. So, for weight loss is sure to be a combination of aerobic (cardio) and strength training at least to maintain that muscle, which is. And also to increase the metabolic rate (it can reach 40% with respect to those who are not practicing). Options for an optimum combination of cardio and strength will be discussed in other sections. Now our main task is to convince you, without fitness will be no effect or it will be a short-term or one that you yourself do not like it. Adequate for your needs should be, and nutrition.

Eat at losing weight should also, as is usually only less calories primarily through simple carbohydrates and saturated fats. The main rule is fragmentation of meals. Generally, doctors have come up with a fractional power of healing. Bodybuilders have tested this scheme on himself and took on board. The main advantage of it not so much protection from over-eating and stretched stomach as control insulin levels and increase metabolic rate (approximately 5-10%). Lack of starvation and constant makeup of an organism is a principal tenet of healthy eating. Practiced by many in recent years “is not the …” can not be combined with the granularity of power and is essentially a hidden starvation, destroying not only your fat, but also in the first place, the muscles. And recovering from such a “diet” first fat, and only then to a lesser extent, muscle. Without even knowing it, we deprive ourselves of the main fat burner that is always with us-our muscles. Only for God’s sake do not think that we are talking about some bodybuilders muscle volume. This is not the case. However, the mechanism of calorie burning in the muscles is the same for everyone. This is the task of preserving muscle mass and speed metabolism and is subject to the diet. Include protein at every meal, but these methods you must be at least 5-6.

Count on 20 grams of protein at a time (just do not digest, and threatens not required overload.) It employs a rule “card deck”. A piece of meat, chicken, fish should be the size of a deck of cards. This is roughly equivalent to 100 grams. portions of a protein content of about 20%, and make the necessary 20 degrees. On the digestion and assimilation of protein the body expends much more energy than is required for cleavage of the same amount of fat or carbohydrates, which is also an accelerating factor in metabolism. So, for 5-6 receptions, we recruit about 100-120 grams. protein, which corresponds to somewhere 1.5-2 g per kg of normal (without the excess fat) mass.

The easiest and most affordable for the body type of fuel is carbohydrates. For us, losing weight and easy tracking for your figure, it is important rejection of the daily consumption of simple carbohydrates (muffins, sugary juices, ice cream, sugar, fructose, honey, biscuits, soda, etc.) with the exception of fruit, for which the time- am or before and immediately after exercise. Categorically in a healthy diet can combine simple carbohydrates and fats. If you have due to lower sugar psychological stress occurs, then remove it with a slice of chocolate (which is a fraction of our bitter) or arrange a “holiday belly” in one evening. Anyway for once you will not eat much and will not have significant damage to himself. But the next day you are “satisfied” quietly all spent on the simulator. Thus, simple carbs under control. With complex carbohydrates are easier. They are slowly digested, nourishing our body with energy. No surge in blood sugar levels, and hence the production of insulin-the hormone “blockers fat.” Consumption of complex carbohydrates should be adequate to your physical activity.

Maximum in the morning and be sure to refresh before a workout for 1.5 – 2 hours. The rule “does not have 3 hours before exercise and 2.5 hours after” to lose weight completely wrong. Reduces the effectiveness of training (simply can not and you feel “boiled fly”), and above all “empty” body starts to throw in your furnace is not only fat but muscle and the last. He does not care that burn. He was important to get fuel at any price. But what we can get a result? “Jelly on the bones.” We do not need. We want beautiful shoulders, the back-spread, uplifted breasts, flat tummy, but a round ass, beautiful rolling in the thigh and shin further. And for this we must do everything correctly. Do not hurry. And do not try to do everything and instantly.

Healthy eating, weight loss-oriented, involves the complete exclusion of the consumption of trans fats (margarines, spreads), the maximum limit apparent consumption of animal fats (a sufficient number of them we consume in a latent form), as well as additional intake of polyunsaturated fats (Omega-3) contained in fish, flaxseed oil. The fact that the modern diet full of saturated fats primarily (harmful to the heart and blood vessels) and depleted useful. Here’s what needs to be to use later. 1 tbsp. spoon of flaxseed oil in the morning and 1-2 grams of fish oil, evening. Naturally a “fish day” Fish oil is not needed. The Miracle of Omega-3 fats are “melted” cholesterol plaques in blood vessels, normalize lipid metabolism and actually help to normalize body weight. Monounsaturated fats, we must get out of olive oil is best used for frying and for salads.

Omega-3 is a god gifted boon that can be found in direct selling products that are devoid of artificial color or chemicals and can be extracted from salmon fish that you can get only in the arctic sea, which is why it has become a rare find and has made losing weigh a bit difficult through natural means. If you want to learn more about omega-3 found in salmon species, you have to do a simple research through Google for relevant info where you can click to read more on the official page available.

What else you need to know losing weight?

First, it is desirable to get a body composition analyzer, home or go to a fitness club kaliperometriya. This is necessary in order to control what goes through losing weight from fat or water and muscle. After all, our goal is to get rid of excess fat (22 – 25% – the ideal body fat percentage women). Buy a meter and check for more volume, not weight. Do not use a false indicators such as BMI (body mass index). It does not reflect the true situation. A man with an absolutely normal BMI may suffer from obesity (latent form when fat is stored around the organs so-called visceral fat, or worse, when the fat is stored directly in the muscle fibers (the effect of marble meat)). By the way, models often suffer from a form. Skinny and fat from the outside inside. This is due to the fact that they are constantly hungry and the place of the lost muscle comes fat. There fore lose weight wisely. And be beautiful. A miss Fit you to help you.


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