Many nutritionists and health experts also pointed out the importance of having a sound immune system. Immunity acts as a natural defense system for the human body to fight any disease-causing virus or bacteria. One who has weak immunity power can easily get affected by the widespread corona virus. Moreover, during this pandemic, our health becomes the priority, and we should work on our immune system to remain unaffected.

Now the question arises what we can do to build a strong immune system? A healthy diet, exercise, and adequate sleep are some of the common answers you would get to strengthen your immune system. Apart from this, there is something else that can prevent your immunity from falling below the recommended level, and that is turmeric, which you can easily get in your spice box.

Turmeric is the best-known for its anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help you boost your immunity and fight against infection.

Here there are some other excellent benefits of turmeric powder mentioned in mensjournal 


Turmeric is a great ingredient for those who are facing bronchial problems such as sinus or sinusitis. The main reason for all respiratory problems is low immunity power. Turmeric powder also contains about 3-5% of curcumin, which helps build strong immunity and reduces the chances of such kinds of respiratory problems.

Cold and cough

It is very common that people with low immunity power catch a common cold and cough when there are mild changes in temperature from cold to warm. In such cases, turmeric powder is very useful to fight infection and naturally cleanses our respiratory tract. As we know the turmeric powder contains anti-inflammatory properties, which provide instant relief from cold and cough.

Upper respiratory tract problem

When there is a problem in the respiratory tract, you may find common symptoms which may result in congestion of the nose and airway, bronchial asthma, continuous cough, shortness of breath, occasionally cold, etc. Due to inflammation, the passage of the nose and airway gets constricted, making it difficult for the person to breathe.

 In such condition turmeric powder acts as a great medicine as due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it improves the functioning of lungs. Turmeric powder also contains curcumin which inhibits inflammation and relieves congestion and pain; this also improves your breathing.

Boosts immunity

Turmeric is a natural way to boost our immune system as it increases the immunomodulatory capacity of the human body. Thus, it is suggested to add extra turmeric to your diet or milk, which may help you prevent Infections and many health diseases.

Inhibit viral replication

The primary function of turmeric powder is to inhibit viral replication in our body and exhibit all antiviral properties. This makes our body fight effectively with all disease-causing bacteria and viruses and remain unaffected.


 Here we have discussed in mensjournal information regarding turmeric powder’s benefits, which include boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, inhibiting viral replication, treating respiratory problems, and relieving cold and cough.


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