It’s time to step up the quality of my video production. I’m getting some new equipment for my videos and one of the things is gonna be a lavalier mike so that my audio’s gonna be a much better quality in my video production.

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And the other one is lighting. See how like right here I’m dark and here I’m light. This is hideous flouresent lighting. Flourescent is a 4 letter F word, in my business.

So, we’re kinda playing around with equipment. I’m also getting a new camera, I’m getting a Cannon 60D. So, you’re gonna see some changes on my youtube channel here real soon. It’s very exciting. This is actually a good video production for any of the youtubers that make videos on a regular basis. I think a lot of us, when we get to a certain point, our channel are big enough, we become partner. We wanna know, you know, how do we light ourselves appropriately and I’ve been to a bunch of places in San Diego and I found this place that really specializes in video. Makes sense to me right? That would be where you’d go. So, here I am and he’s gonna show us and now you’re gonna get to see kind of behind the scenes. What it takes to light yourself up appropriately.

We’re actually gonna turn the camera off for a second and we’re gonna make the set a little bit more user-friendly. When we come back on, we will have lights on. You see it with a plain backdrop now without all the distractions and you’re gonna get to see it in a second with the lighting on. That’s a fill light and this is now the key light. A key light is about twice as bright as the fill light. Gives you a little contrast, a little bit of fall off on the right hand side here.

They’re fluorescent and they will warm up just a little bit but they’re not your typical overhead type fluorescent. They are color temperature regulated to simulate daylight. So, this is it. So if I come closer to the camera, that’s what I would look like in the camera. So you guys can see. If you think that helps compared to if I’m talking to you…can you turn them off. Oh my gosh, what a difference. That’s the way you normally see me when I’m talking or I put a naked bulb lamp in front of me to try to get light on my face because the back is lit up in my house or something. So, that’s it for now in terms of stepping up the quality of my video production.


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