Choosing the furniture for the baby is one of the difficult tasks for the parents, and one of the main things is the bed because babies grow so fast. It becomes really hard to decide which thing they should buy for them so that they can use it in their initial years and also can use that till the baby become 6-7 years old. It does involve investment and making the investment again and again then it may become so expensive for the parents so always choose the bed -which you think that a baby can use it for at least 6-7 years.

There are two types of bedding for the child one is a cot, and the other is a cot bed. Most people get so confused between these two, but there is a huge difference between the two. If you want to know the difference between the two, you should read this article, and you will know what exactly it is.

What is a Cot?

A cot is a box-like bed for the newborn baby that they can use till 1 or 2 years of the baby. It is just a portable bed and not a permanent bed for the baby because a small baby does not sleep on their own, and the cot comes with the sidebars in the crib for the infants. The bars are there so that the baby can hold the bar and stand. The cot is used by the parents for the baby till the baby gets two years and rest based on the growth of the baby.

What is a cot bed?

When we talk about the cot bed, then it is just the small variation in the cot; it just has so many new features that are not available in the cot. The cot bed is very adjustable and versatile even if you want; then you can remove the sidebars and make more space for the child to sleep. It is mostly for the baby under the age of 6-7 years and according to the growth of the baby. The features that you will get in the cot bed are teething rails, headboard, footboard, and under the cot, which has the drawer also just like the laste voodi.

Difference between the cot and cot bed

There is a big difference between the cot and cot bed if we look at this, but most people make this mistake and think of both things as the same. Here are some points of difference that will explain to you the difference in a better way.

Here is the difference between the two-


When we talk about the time that for how many years that the cot can be used, then it can be said that it is used for up to 2 years after the baby birth and it can be used for the future sibling of the baby but not up to the age of 2. However, when we talk about the longevity of the cot bed, then it can be used for at least 5-8 years of the child, and that depends on the growth of the child because if they are growing speedily, then they may not be able to use for more than 6 or 7 years and accordingly.


The size of the cot beds is adaptable, which means a person can turn the big cot bed into a small one. It is a small bed, but if you remove the sidebars, it will make more space, and a child will get more space to sleep comfortably. But on the other hand, if we talk about the cots, then the cots are not adaptable and are used for infants only. A person cannot change the size of the cots.


The next point is the availability of the cots and the cots bed, and when we talk about the cots, then it is available very easily a person can find these cots in their local market or online too. But the cot beds are very hard to find as a person will not be able to find them very easily as it is so hard to find in the local market but may be able to find online.


The next point of difference is versatility, and one can say that cots are not so versatile, but when we talk about the cot beds, it is highly versatile and makes them so different from each other. The cots beds are a lot more versatile or highly versatile.


Now it is easy for the person to make a choice between the cot and cot beds. Whether the parents are looking for a short term solution or a long term solution and if for long term then they should choose the cot beds.


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