Most sporting federations and employers conduct random urine tests to find out drug users. Instant drug testing for drugs has become important in the workplace because employers want to conform to drug compliance laws and make their workplace safe and violence-free. Drug users suffer from manic depressions and mood swings and can become violent at the drop of a hat. With violence at the workplace at an all-time high and easier gun possession laws, it pays to have a drug free environment.

Ways to pass a urine test

Most drugs are automatically flushed out from the body. Some drugs take 10-12 days; some get removed in 2-3 days. The best way to detoxify is to drink lots of water. Water is the best detoxifying agent. You can also take some vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate the body. Vitamin B12 is considered to be a good supplement once you have started your detoxifying regime. A diet consisting of green vegetable and fruits is also necessary to sustain you detoxifying regimen.

What are Detox drinks?

Detox drinks alter the metabolic process of the body for a few hours before the test ensuring that you don’t get caught. The chemicals released by drugs are trapped in the fat cells of the body. These cells are used to release energy. When this fat is burnt, the toxins are released into the body. The toxins released into to bloodstream reach the kidney from where it is passed into the urine. Detox drinks stop this process for a few process by providing energy on its own. Due to this the body stops processing fat and uses energy from the drink. Since the fat is not burned, toxins are not released into the bloodstream and none gets passed in the urine consequently. This is an effective way to pass drug tests. However, you have to stay off drugs for two days leading to the drug test.


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