For great music production, the mics of great quality are also required. The singers, the musicians, the streamers, the YouTubers all require a good quality microphone to produce the best content for the watchers and listeners. However, the ordinary microphone or mic does not work in this case. A mic is a kind of transducer that is responsible for converting the sounds into an electric signal. Different applications of the mic are majorly seen in fields of telephone calls, lecture addressing, public events, productions, recording studio, radios, etc. nowadays a very popular microphone is in trend and is widely used by the music artists and some of the YouTubers. 

Even good gamers also make use of this. The mic has been named as blue yeti. It is termed as the world’s top-rated USB mic and is marked as best selling on reputed e-commerce platforms. The microphone is priced at $129.99 that is quite high range but the sound quality is premium. There are many other alternatives of blue yeti available in the market that have a comparatively low price and offering almost similar features to this most popular microphone.

what is blue yeti? 

The blue yeti microphone allows you to do studio audio recording at your home at a premium quality level. The unique feature of this mic is that it is the best USB mic. Not only it is popular for its high-quality recordings in sounds but also the adapting itself according to the durability of the speaker’s voice. However, its unusual size is not like by people. This is the reason why its alternatives are discovered and launched in the market. people with a career at dawn should rather go for blue yeti alternatives that are also in budget mics. 

How to record using USB microphones

The technology has made it easier and simpler to use devices like USB mics. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  • Tuning up is important
  • The device should be on and the front of the mic should be facing you
  • Turn down the gain
  • Customize the mic according to your settings

6 best blue yeti alternatives to look on

The real blue yeti is worth the price as it has the best sound quality compared to others. All professionals make use of this. In case you are a starter make sure you buy the alternative that is best for you. Some of them include:

  • Audio-Technica AT2020 Usb+ blue yeti alternative
  • Rode NT-USB blue yeti alternative
  • Apogee mic plus blue yeti alternative
  • Blue snowball
  • Zoom H1
  • Samson Go

At last, I would like to end up with the fact that blue yeti is a wonderful device for audio recordings but at the same time has a high price and unusual size. The alternatives of blue yeti offer almost the same features and at the much lower price range. You can look for complete information about these alternatives on find the best mic that perfectly suits your budget. The reviews will help you know every detail about the product you will choose and help you buy better.


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