You can rely on tap water when it comes to your health. Drinking, cleaning and washing with tap water can take a toll on your health as these waters are contaminated in various ways. If you are planning to buy bottled water then you must know that the monthly cost for your water will shoot high. The best way to avail safe drinking water is to have filtered water that will offer you a contamination-free and safe water supply. However, there are many filters available in the market and you must know about the best product available as it concerns you and your families health. So taking a risk with contaminated water will be a huge risk. Water pitchers are the best solutions to all your problems if you know how to select one. To help you in this process this article highlights some of the important factors to be considered when buying water pitchers. 

Filtration process

The process of filtration is one of the most important factors that need to be considered when it comes to buying a water pitcher. Zero water pitchers are the best when it comes to the filtration process as this process involves 5 stages of filtration ensuring optimum cleaning and keeps away the soluble solid that is present in water. Soluble solids like zinc and mercury can lead to huge health damages. So make sure that you considered the filtration process when you are planning to buy a water pitcher.

The cartridge and the replacement process

Another important consideration is the cartridge and its replacement process. The cartridge plays a very important role in the filtration process. Make sure not to compromise on the cartridges when it comes to buying water pitchers. A premium quality cartridge would ensure you neat filtrations. Alongside the longevity of the cartridge is also another factor that needs to be considered. Zero water pitchers come with cartridges that last for an average of 2 months. This indicates the fact that these cartridges need not be replaced frequently keeping them light on your pocket. Also, consider the replacement process when it comes to buying a pitcher. You need to make sure that the filter cartridges are easily replaceable so that you don’t have to face hassles when it is time to replace the filter. 

Certifications and recognitions 

When it comes to filter pitchers you should always rely on experts. NSF is one of the leaders when it comes to analysing the water filtration process. When your product is certified by NSF you don’t have to think twice. Only premium filter pitchers are being recognized and certified by NSF. So always go for the product that is being certified by NSF for the best quality. 

Make informed decisions 

When it comes to buying water pitchers you need to make informed decisions. This article helps you to highlight the various factors that need to be considered when it comes to buying a filter pitcher. Based on this buyer’s guide you can make the selection to ensure a premium quality product. 


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