Coronavirus is something that has shaken the world at the worst level it could have done it! No one ever imagined that such a tiny virus that you cannot even see with your eyes would make the world to undergo such strict lockdown, and it will take months or, better say years, to recover back from it. The American president of the time also called it as the Chinese virus as the first case of the virus was reported in china itself. Around millions of people lost their lives by the attack of this virus, and many are still struggling for getting rid of it.

However, the world is running the race of creating medicine for this disease, but it is still getting hard for people around the globe to get rid of this issue. However, the whole world has got this virus from one person who was infected and travel from china to some other place, but still, the people of South Korea believe that a church is a place that is highly responsible for spreading the virus in the country.

Searching over facts

Why a South Korean Church Was the Perfect Petri Dish? Now, this is something that might go through the minds of many people who are aware of what Koreans have to say, and the only curiosity that might go through the minds of people is that why are they saying it in this way?

You are all pretty much aware of the fact that Coronavirus is a virus that is spreading at a very fast pace. It is mainly because the virus is too small and macro that you cannot see it with your eyes, and even if the virus will be in front of you, then also you will not be able to know about it.

The main reason that is pushing towards the spread of the virus is because of the droplets that come out of the infected person mouth when they sneeze or cough in a public area. If the person is not wearing a mask, he or she will surely spread the virus around the place, and anyone else who is not presently infected from it will face trouble as they can get infected from it if they inhale that virus.

Different regions in the world have different stories that explain how the virus spread in their area, and hence they there is some person who travelled or the infected one that spread it to the other people in the area. But when it comes to South Korea, you will be amazed to know that it is not a person, but actually, the main reason is a church that spreads the virus in the locality and then in the country.

Church and corona

The church used to have a ritual in which all the members use to come there and pray all together to the all mighty lord, and in that ceremony, over 1000 people took part. Among which there was also an old lady who was a member of the church and was also a person who was nursing a person suffering from fever and throat infection.

Now, the fact that caused the issue was that in the time of COVID, the lady was taking care of the person who came to church and prayed along with 1000 people. She was the carrier of the virus, but the actual reason was that the church has a strict rule of not skipping the prayers by the members. Which raised concern over the lady, and a lady came to church for praying purposes.


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