Cardio is the basic foundation of almost every exercise routine you can think of. Many people start off with a pure cardio exercise before they do anything else! The mental image of huffing and puffing and sweating while you jog is embedded into popular consciousness far too firmly to completely uproot. But would you be happy to learn that you don’t necessarily have to get all your cardio in such a single minded and specialized way? In point of fact, you can get plenty of cardio while doing many other kinds of exercise.

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When you boil it down to the basics, cardiovascular exercises are simply those exercises which get your heart pumping and your lungs hard at work over long periods of time. They build up your oxygen intake for purposes of overall stamina. The most common way of doing this is by simply running, jogging, or power walking, and these are in and of themselves fine exercises. However, it’s far too common for people to focus on exercises like these that improve primarily or solely cardio to the exclusion of other parts of the body, when there’s no need to focus so heavily on it! You can exercise many parts of your body at once, and get your cardio done while you build up other muscles and strengthen other body parts.

Anything that gets your heart pounding will count as cardio so long as you can keep it up for a reasonable period of time. So the next time you think to yourself, ‘I need to work on my cardio,’ think about using alternative exercises that do more than just cardio. Simultaneously working out many areas of your body will make you feel better, result in an overall more healthy body, and will be a better use of time in your probably busy schedule. For instance, weightlifting will help your cardio while also helping strengthen your limbs.

Crunches will toughen up the famous ‘core’ section of your body, and if kept up for long enough, will also help cardio too. By adjusting the circumstances of familiar exercises slightly, you can add additional challenge that will help get your cardio worked up faster. For instance, if you’re too used to regular core exercises to be challenged by them, try adding a workout ball.

Balancing your body on one will require the use of additional muscles, thus creating a new hurdle to overcome and a new way for your stamina to grow with less time invested. In fact, practically anything can help with cardio, so long as you get to the point where you can keep up the exercise long enough for it to challenge your lungs and heart. Balance these different exercises out, and you’ll find that you’ll barely need to devote any time to cardio at all; it will just come naturally along with everything else. If you’re not doing it long enough to get out of breath, you’re probably not practiced enough at that particular exercise anyway, and you should keep at it until you reach the true peak of your body’s abilities.


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